RLS has developed a comprehensive approach to personal property security recovery by utilizing strategic partnerships with skip tracers, investigators, bailiffs, transport companies, auctions and other professionals that support a history of successful outcomes with a nationwide average of over 98% and a coast-to-coast network coverage area that includes over 100 suppliers in 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada and full coverage in all fifty States in USA.

Once a Creditor contracts Recovery Logistics Services Inc. to act as their agent on their behalf with a Power of Attorney, we ONLY sub-contract the services of an elite network of Ministry Appointed, Licensed and Bonded Bailiffs in their respective Province or Territory in Canada, or their respective State in the USA who have built a reputation for their knowledge and proved their exceptional service based on their expertise in the Commercial Tenancies Act; Municipal Tax Enforcement, Repair & Storage Liens Act, Personal Property Security Act and Process Serving and other Provincial, Territorial and State laws and regulations.

Disclaimer: Recovery Logistics Services Inc is a service provider and process administrator serving the members of the credit industry in Canada and the USA. We act as agents for the creditors under a Power of Attorney or similar legal arrangements with respect to the creditor’s secured assets. Recovery Logistics Services Inc is not a Bailiff, Assistant Bailiff or a Bailiff Corporation under the Ontario Bailiffs Act R.S.O. 1990, Chapter B.2, nor in any other jurisdiction in Canada or the USA. Recovery Logistics Services Inc. is not Investigator under the Ontario Private Security & Investigative Services Act, 2005 or any other jurisdiction in Canada or the USA. Recovery Logistics Services Inc does not provide or advertise any Bailiff or Assistant Bailiff or Private Security or Investigative services to the members of the public, to our current and/or prospective clients.

RLS’ agents are selected on their availability, viability, and achievability. This method translates into reduced costs and optimal turn times averaging 48 hours to recover the security or identify alternate methods of collection.

As a result, RLS is able to provide the most cost effective solutions tailored toward individual client requirements; All in full compliance with applicable provincial and federal legislation.

Upon receipt of the required criteria, all security documents are methodically reviewed by a subject matter expert to determine the most viable course of action, mitigate risk, and protect your interest. In addition, supporting search results, cost analysis, reinstatement rights, terms and conditions, provincial and federal legislation, and geographical location are all considered and on the check-list.

The Road to Repo

We take our profession very seriously; the benefit to you is that with our dedication; integrity and being ‘Accessible 24/7’ will mean that you the client will have our complete full time focus and attention.