Welcome to Recovery Logistics Services hub of operations (RLS)

RLS offers in-house and third party skip tracing on a contingency bases. No-Find-No-Fee with access to online databases and exclusive networks.

RLS leverages our skip service expertise, advanced skip software, risk management strategies and more to help our clients decrease their delinquent accounts and to recover their assets. As a result, our clients are able to streamline their processes which results in saving time, resources and money.

We have further developed an in-house vehicle (VIN and Plate) missing vehicle HOTLIST which has been made available to the insurance bureau of Canada for the purpose of querying suspect export vehicles at Canadian ports and boarder crossings. We facilitate coverage at all major ports in Canada and offer accessibility to appropriate law enforcement when necessary. If you believe your asset is at risk of going overseas, mitigate your risk with RLS at no cost you

NO Find – NO Fee – NO Risk